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Online Emergency Medicine Textbooks

Free on-line medical dictionaries, encyclopedias, multilingual medical dictionaries, medical image dictionaries and medical tests dictionaries.   Your complete on-line medical library for free.

Medical Dictionaries Encyclopedias

Medical Dictionaries

  • BioTech Life Science Dictionary - A searchable electronic dictionary of biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology and genetics. Includes some terms relating to ecology, limnology, pharmacology, toxicology and medicine. Provides one paragraph definitions with links to related terms. Excludes names of animal species.
  • Cardiac Dictionary - A simple & quick tool to look up cardiac terms. FREE.
  • Dictionary of Cell Biology - Online quick reference guide to terminology commonly found in modern biology literature. Easily understood definitions. If you prefer to have a hard copy, online ordering instructions are given.
  • Dictionary of (Ecological) Epidemiology - Dictionary of ecological epidemiology including some terms from immunology. Jonathan Swinton 1998-2002
  • Dictionary of Epidemiology - Struggling to understand the complex world of epidemiology? Browse through this in-depth dictionary of terms written in easy to understand terminology.
  • Doc Talk: Medical Glossaries A- comprehensive list of medical terms used in neurology, emergency room medicine, pathology and virology. Sharpen those medical lingo skills. Also find a quick drug reference, which describes common medicines.
  • Healthfinder Offers links to medical dictionaries related to specific diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and scoliosis. Also links to MedicineNet's online medical dictionary.
  • Medical Dictionaries & Glossaries (Jim Martindale)
  • Medical Dictionary - A medical dictionary of medical-related terminology.
  • Medical Dictionary - Gray Laboratory Cancer Research Trust, U.K.
  • Medical Dictionary - MedicineNet, Inc.
  • Medical Glossary - Kaiser Permanente offers a medical glossary written in plain English for the layperson. Find the term you are looking for, from abdominal to vernix caseosa.
  • MedicineNet offers both a medical dictionary and a drug guide for prescription and over-the-counter medications. It's written in plain English for the layperson.
  • Medline Plus - This entry from the NIH National Library of Medicine offers a comprehensive resource for consumers covering nearly 200 health topics. Includes pre-formatted searches to find research literature on diseases and conditions.
  • Medspeak - A comprehensive listing of medical terminology commonly found in the emergency room of any hospital including diseases, drugs used and emergency surgeries.
  • This free, doctor-produced medical dictionary is designed to be of use to everyone concerned about health. Type in your term and get a definition.
  • Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary on MEDLINEplus National Library of Medicine - The Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary contains definitions for 60,000 words and phrases used by health- care professionals. Designed to be easy to read, it offers the right spellings of medical terms, a pronunciation guide, and biographies of individuals who have given their names to the language of medicine.
  • MT Desk Medical and Surgical Glossary - With over 3,000 entries and growing, this online medical dictionary contains definitions of a wide variety of medical terms. Most of the terminology deals with various prescription drugs, medical devices and instruments.
  • Online Medical Dictionary Cancer Web brings you an online medical dictionary to help you decipher all the million-dollar words your physician will throw at you. A few of the other subjects that OMD decodes are in the fields of physics, cellular and molecular biology.
  • STATRef This electronic medical library lets you cross-search more than 31 medical texts, including Medline, the Medical Letter and Stedman's Medical Dictionary.
  • The Dictionary of Pharmacoepidemiology - Translated from the third edition of a French original, this is the most complete dictionary devoted specifically to the terms currently used in pharmacoepidemiology. Radically reorganized from earlier editions, practically all definitions have been reworked, often in the light of comments from pharmacoepidemiologists currently using the existing versions. The Dictionary of Pharmacoepidemiology is written for all those whose work is within or touches upon this field: regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical physicians, lawyers, pharmacists, researchers, evaluators and students.
  • XTerm Medical Dictionary This medical dictionary is a quick reference tool that can help you any time. Its database of medical terms is weekly updated. There are several ways to find what do you want.

Medical Encyclopedias

A.D.A.M Health Illustrated Encyclopedia

Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary - Look up definitions for complex medical terms. Use this resource just as you would a printed dictionary. Terms are listed within ranges of words, just like a dictionary page. Click the range of words where your term would appear.

GASTROLAB Gastrointestinal Encyclopedia This is the site of the GASTROLAB Gastrointestinal Encyclopedia, a dictionary designed for people with digestive diseases, their relatives and friends, and for medical students and health care professionals. Ultimately there will be no medical term in the field of gastroenterology that will not get it's explanation in this site.

Medical Encyclopedia - Adam Medical Encyclopedia & WebMD, Inc. Multimedia (Text & Images). "The ADAM Medical Encyclopedia covers more than 4000 topics, including disease conditions, treatments, medical terms,..."  Examples of online Databases include  - Diseases - Injuries - Surgery

Medical Encyclopedia -, Inc.

Multilingual Medical Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

ESAURUS Online English-Chinese Medical Dictionary - Free online English-Chinese dictionary of medical terminologies. This online resource tool, intended for both professional and public use, is manually compiled with reference to an extensive collection of bilingual medical dictionaries and glossaries published by institutions and healthcare authorities in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Glossary of Technical and Popular Medical Terms in Nine European Languages  - A list of technical and medical terms translated into nine languages. Find a glossary, multilingual lemma collection and a dictionary. The dictionary is written in English, but the rest of the site can be browsed by language.

Spanish for nurses - Spanish Communication Tools for Nurses that will find you "Bridging" the language barrier with your Spanish speaking Patients. Spanish multimedia e-books Tailored to your needs, including a dictionary and a live interpreter.

Medical Image Dictionaries

Medical Images Dictionary - FindLaw "These illustrations were developed for such legal matters as medical malpractice, personal injury, and worker's compensation. Each illustration was prepared by a professional medical illustrator to medically accurate standards."

Medical Tests Dictionaries

Medical Tests: Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary - HealthGate includes over 400 medical tests,

Medical Tests: ADAM Medical Encyclopedia - Adam Medical Encyclopedia & WebMD, Inc. Multimedia (Text & Images).

Medical Tests: YALE University School of Medicine Patient's Guide to Medical Tests - School of Medicine, Yale University & WebMD, Inc. provides comprehensive descriptions of the most common diagnostic procedures.

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