Premises Liability

When you go onto someone’s property, there is a reasonable expectation that you will not suffer injuries while there. There is implied acceptance of responsibility by a property owner or resident to ensure relative safety. In legal terms, this is known as premises liability as laid out by the American Bar Association.

Let’s say someone, perhaps a delivery man, went to deliver a package to a home or office and he slipped and fell because of a wet floor. In such a case, a property owner can be held liable for failing to ensure safety by keeping the floor dry or warning the injured person about the floor being wet.

Are You A Victim?

Premises liability holds property owners and residents responsible when visitors or guests suffer injuries while on their property. However, most will avoid admitting liability to avoid compensating a victim. If you are a victim, we can help.

This law is applied differently in different states. In some, the main consideration of the court will be on the physical and mental condition of the injured party. In others, focus will be on the condition of the property and what the visitor and property owner or resident were doing when the accident occurred.

If you had an accident and got injured, Clinton & McKain can help with the following:

  • Prove that your senses had not been impaired by alcohol or other intoxicating substance
  • Prove that you had a valid reason for visiting the premises
  • Prove that you suffered an injury that was serious enough to cause significant physical pain and that interfered with your normal daily activities

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