Motor Vehicle Collisions

On average, there are six million car accidents in the U.S. every year. Three million people are injured in car accidents each year, and the property damage runs into the billions of dollars. Motor vehicle collisions occur for a variety of reasons. A driver may have run a red light or stop sign, been distracted, fatigued or speeding and was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision.

Whatever the reason for the collision, you need to make sure your rights are protected. If a third party was at fault, you deserve compensation for any damage to your car or injuries to yourself and any passengers. Most insurance companies give good advice on what to do at the scene in these situations. You ascertain any injury to yourself and any passengers, exchange information with the other driver, which includes driver’s license and license plate numbers, insurance company and contact details. Most importantly, you do not admit any liability for the accident.

Have You Suffered an Injury in a Vehicle Collision?

Accidents and their causes come in all varieties and the lawyers at Clinton & McKain are familiar with them all. Whether you were the victim of a head-on collision, rear-end crash, distracted driving accident, drunk driver or simply a driver who failed to yield right of way, we know how to determine if you have a case and how to handle it appropriately.

Our attorneys know how a vehicle collision can turn your life upside down. Depending on injuries to yourself and whether your vehicle is completely inoperative, it can mean medical bills piling up and lost wages if you’re not able to work. There can be many complicating factors arising from an auto accident. Did the other driver have insurance? Will they be able to claim any negligence on your part? We can help you determine if an insurance company is offering a fair settlement or if you should file a lawsuit.

If you’re involved in a vehicle collision, you need to contact Clinton & McKain. We can help you by:

  • Gathering all the evidence that strengthens your case.
  • Being sure to account for all injuries and damages suffered by you including pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and any other injury or damages.
  • Proving the liability of the other party in court to get you the compensation you deserve.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience, so we can get you the justice you deserve.

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