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Legal Resources

Clinton & McKain Other Web Sites
Clinton & McKain on the Lawyer HomePages Web Site

Official Sites

Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Courts

Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania
(provides a replica of what is available in hard copy of the PA Code.)
(provides access to the current issue of the PA Bulletin)
(Office of Administration)
(Department of Aging)
(Civil Service Commission)
(Department of Corrections)
(Department of Education)
(General Services)
(Department of Health)
(Department of Insurance)
(Liquor Control Board)
(Public Utility Commission)
(Public Welfare)

Free sources
(3rd Circuit Court of Appeals)
(Pa. Eastern District)
(Pa. Supreme Court)
(Pa. Superior Court)
(Pa. Commonwealth Court) webinator.index.htm
(Search Pa. Cases)
( provides links to some of the above sites)

Verdict and Settlement Research on the Internet
(MoreLaw. Inc. – web site of 8,000 cases )
(Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association)

Court Rules on the Internet
Law Library Resourcse Xchange compiles dozens of links to federal, state and local court rules Free E-Mail, Voicemail and Faxes All at One Place allows you to receive all your messages e-mail, voicemail and faxes – in one place, for free! You can even send e-mail in your own voice.
(US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania)
ABA Joint Comittee: Links to each state’s rules of ethics.

Below are some useful links from the NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance:

1. NJ Automobile Insurance Info – PIP, $, Buyers Guide, etc.
2. Tel. Numbers of Insurers Lic.. to Write Pvt.. Pass. Auto in NJ
3. CODES -Companies Auth. do Bus NJ & their CODES 8-04
5. NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance
6. DOBI Consumer Home Page
7. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Below are some helpful PA websites

1. PENNSYLVANIA DMV Info Page & Links
2. PENNDOT Driver and Vehicle Services Home Page
3. PennDoT
4. PA PowerPort – “Welcome to Pennsylvania”
5. PA Department of Insurance
6. PA Insurance: PA Insurance Department – Organization
7. Pennsylvania State Police “Right-to-Know” Law

Other Legal Resources

Aviation Law

Airplane Accident Data
The National Transporation Safety Board has a searchable databse of every airplane accident on report from 1983 to the present. Browse by month or search by location, aircraft make, model, etc. Get the official report of the accident.

Great Resource for Aviation Lawyers
Explore this site’s extensive information about air safety including forums, news, databases, feature articles and much more.

Business Law

Resident Agents of Corporations
This site has contact information for corporate agents for service of process in all fifty states and Puerto Rico.

Search the SEC EDGAR Database Free
Register for free and search the SEC’s database of corporate filings, receive alerts when a new filing occurs, download financial data and read institutional and insider analysis.

Easily Locate U.S. Corporation Records
Search databases of state corporations, state charities, and non-profits using this helpful site.

Criminal Law

Federal Guidlines For Drunk Driving, Car Crashes, Train Accidents, Etc.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Desk Book” for police officers contains federal guidlines on everything from field sobriety testing, breath machines and traffic stops to highway engineering and railroad grade crossing safety. It could potentially be used as evidence as to whether proper standards were met.

New Jersey Criminal Record Checks
The New Jersey State Police frequently receives inquiries from government, business, and citizens on the regulations and procedures for obtaining an individual’s criminal history record. This web-site has been developed to assist you in answering the most common questions asked about this process.

Elder Law

Elder-Law Resources
Largely aimed at consumers, with some basics about Medicaid/Medicare, nursing home treatment, Social Security benefits and other subjects.

is a resource for patients, doctors, and attorneys seeking to establish the liability of Managed Health Care Organizations and Nursing Facilities for the consequences of their decisions.

For those of us who represent elderly clients with nursing home and long term care concerns, etc.

Employment Law

ADA Information
This site offers a list of documents ranging from regulations to advisories dealing with the ADA. It also features link to the act itself and to organizations specializing in ADA litigation and implementation.

Hard-to-Find ADA Documents
The Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center provides a wealth of hard-to-find documents on disability law as well as links to other related sites.

Family Law

Child Support Guidlines for all 50 States
Need to know about child support guidlines in another state? This site has links to all 50 states’ complete guidlines.

General Reference

Traffic Crash Reports & Overlay Sheets
Contains links to state traffic crash report forms and overlay code sheets applicable to that state.

Insurance On Large Trucking Companies
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Find the actual converage for any given trucking company.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Journal
An Online Digest of Developments in Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Practice and Procedure.

Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts

Praecipe for Writ of Summons: Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Suits in Allegheney County, Pennsylvania my be filed online thought this website.

Medical Staff-Residency Programs – Information
Helpful site regarding issues of resident training and supervision. There is even a secion regarding residency reviews and programs on probation.

Foreign-Language Translation –
Foreign-Language Translation –
These two websites allow you to translate from another language into English or the reverse. You can type in text, or paste in a web address to get a translation of every thing on that website.

Notable Quotations
Need the definitive quote for your closing or a famous saying to punch up that brief or speech? Check to find the perfect line.

Residential-Homes Sale Prices
This site lets you find out the values of homes near a given address. You can tailor your search according to the distance from the address, times of sales or price.

Law Library Resource Xchange’s
Web site offers free links to articles written by law librarians and attorneys. Each online issue of this “Webzine” highlights current technology and research trends that affect your practice.

Lawyers Weekly
is designed especially for legal professionals. It contains the most comprehensive experts listings found anywhere, representing a broad range of specialties from across the country.

Search for legal support services.

Government Documents at Your Fingertips offers access to dozens of searchable government databases.

Federation of Insurance and Corporate Counsel
This site is packed with litigation information for both sides. Offers opinions in many resent cases covering such bread-and-butter topics as insurance, products liability, negligence and evidence.

Better Air Travel
The “Air Traveler’s Handbook” from the newsgroup collects sound advice, folk wisdom and urban legends regarding air travel, and tells you which is which.

U.S. Government and Military Web Pages
GOVBOT allows you to search over a million Web pages from military and government sites from around country.

Online Sex Offender Registries
Find sex offender records easily with this site. This information could be helpful in negligent hiring or retention cases. &
Find Salary Info for Thousands of Jobs Across the U.S. These two Web sites provide salary information for over 3000 different jobs in 4800 U.S. cities.

Now you can search our archives – virtually every article — published by award-winning newspapers from across the country. NewsLibrary is great for business and school research. Find out what’s been written about a company. Research recently passed legislation. Can’t find that news event in the encyclopedia? Try NewsLibrary for all of your research needs.

Specialized Terms
This website hosts links to many glossaries of terms in specialized fields. It could be helpfu in understanding the lingo of insurance forms, human resources, etc.

Internet Law

Guide to Internet Law
Here’s a free introductino to Internet Law and a guide to the key legal issues, including website development, domain name disputes, linking, ISP liability, and Tradmark Problems.

Legal Reference

Statute for Copy Charges for Medical Records
Under 42 Pa.C.S. §§ 6152(a)(2)(i) and 6155 (relating to subpoena of records; and rights of patients), the Secretary of Health (Secretary) is directed to adjust annually the amounts which may be charged by a health care facility or health care provider upon receipt of a request or subpoena for production of medical charts or records. These charges apply to any request for a copy of a medical chart or record except as follows:

Biographical Data On Federal Judges
Allows you to find biographical information on judges of the U.S. District Courts, U.S. Circuit Courts, U.S. Courts of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. You can research any judge who has served on one of these courts going back to 1789.

Court Rules
Law Library Resource XChange complies dozens of links to federal, state and local court rules.

Legal Forms
This site compiles dozens of links to websites with legal forms, government forms and forms dealing with specific practice areas.

Uniform State Laws –
Uniform State Laws –
These sites provide informatino on the National Conference of Commissioners an Uniform State Laws, including the full text of all uniform laws and their current legislative status.

Links to safety standards and codes, the webs most complete listing.

Medical Malpractice
These websites allow users to search the disciplinary records of physicians across the country.

Medical Art Website, really great images and information. Probably one of the best image libraries on the net.

Search the definitive resource for human anatomy. This site has both an index organized by cell function and a search feature to find specific information for use in personal injury, disability, insurance, and other cases.

Medical Data
The Grateful Med website lets you quickly search for medical information from many of the MEDLINE databases.

Medical Diagnoses And Treatments
The Mereck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy provides explanations, sympthoms, and treatments for most medical conditions.

Prescription Drug Information offers an extensive database of prescription drug information. Searchable by both brand name and geneeric name.

GE Healthcare – Bio Services – Medcyclopedia
The Standard Edition of Medcyclopaedia™ includes all text and images from The Encyclopaedia of Medical Imaging’s eight book volumes: Physics, Techniques and Procedures, Normal Anatomy, Musculoskeletal and Soft Tissue Imaging, Gastrointestinal and Urogenital Imaging, Chest and Cardiovascular Imaging, Neuroradiology and Head and Neck Imaging, and Paediatric Imaging.

Center for Medicare & Medicade Services – Manuals
Program instructions are day-to-day operating instructions, policies, and procedures based on statutes and regulations, guidelines, models, and directives.

Online Medical Dictionary

Medical / Legal Dictionary

Free medical research papers, books, journals, websites and searches:
Does not take the place of PUBMED but is a good additional resource Has many nursing articles not found via a traditional PUBMED search

Personal Injury

Demonstrative Exidence Providers
The demonstrative Evidence Specialist Association offers a list of members providing evidence preparation by city and state.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
has placed its catalog of 31,000 ANSI, ISO and IEC standards on the Net. You can search the catalog titles for free, but if you find something you like, you have to pay to get the full text of the standard.

Help With Toxic Torts
This iste, sponsored by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, provides descriptions of hazardous materials, a database ofSuperfund sites, and other information that couldbe useful in related cases.

Find Out What Jurors Are Thinking
With you can join in discussions with trial lawyers and experts about jury behavior, share information, and get recommendations on resources that will be helpful to your practice.

Skid Speed Calculator
It is not a substitute for a speed analysis by a qualified traffic accident reconstructionist, but it is a nice tool.

Lab Tests Online
Informational online resource which provides explainations of various medical lab tests.

Medical Records Copying Charges by State
This web page lists the various state statutes that control the amount of money doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers can charge a patient for medical records provided to an attorney or law firm for use in personal injury cases.

Practice Managment
Philadelphia court information
Find Out About Ethics Rules for Lawyer Advertising An ABA website links to ethics rules governing lawyer advertising and marketing for 42 states. You can easily find the rules governing your own state and read them free.

CLE Requirements For Every State
The CLE policies and procedures for every state with a mandatory CLE Program are collected in this report from ALI-ABA.

Ethical Issues In Use Of The Internet
This site offers information on the Internet-related ethics issues with links to state sthics opinions.

Electronic Evidence is both a tutorial o nhow to effectively discover and use electronic evidence and also a repository for details of how it has been used in past cases.

Products Liability

Search the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s
List of Recalls Easily find recalls using this site. You can search by product, company, or do a general search. This is a great resource for products liability attorneys.

Auto Defect Information
This National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site lets you easily search for automobile recalls, consumer complaints, defect investigations, safety studies, technical service bullitens and more.

Consumer Product Safety Commission’s List Of Recalls
Easily find recalls using this site. You can search by product, company, or do a general search.

Crash Data On Hundreds Of Vehicles
This site offers crash data on virtually every car!

Social Security Law

Social Security Disability Law Information provides information on Social Security disability cases including new, regulations, forms and guides to specific disabilities.

Tax Law

Here’s a guide to helpful IRS interest rate tables, including tables for valuation of annuities, life interests, and remainder interests, short, mid- and long-term rates, overpayment and underpayment rates and more.


Domain Name Availability
Find out if the domain name you want is a available, and if it is buy it for less than 9 bucks.

InterNic WHOIS
Is the domain name you want, not available? Find out who owns it with the WHOIS tool provied by the InterNic.

Anti-Spam Effort:The Direct Marketing Association
starts a free service to help protect you from “Spam” in your email, at least unwanted commercial email from DMA members.

Symantec anti-virus center
This site contains “hoax” virus info, real virus info, advice on how to fix an infected system, free anti-virus downloads, etc. etc.

McAfee – Stinger Anti-virus – FREE
McAfee offers this free anti-virus program that quickly and effectively eliminates many of todays greatest threats. Not only that, but it does it for free.

Other Websites of Interest
All about the US mint. Buy Coins and other products.
If you’re looking for the best place on the Web to find information about products and services, meet new people and get advice, and even buy new and used wares, you’ve just found it.

Parents’ Resources:
An organization urging parents to get involved in their children’s education has a Web site with myriad resources from pre-school to college years.

KYW News Radio

A marketing tool aimed at encouraging tourists to stay longer in Philadelphia, CityPass is a discount booklet, with half-price admission to the top six tourist attractions.

Electric Choice:
Pennsylvania’s Consumer Advocate puts together a rate comparison chart and other tips for shopping for an electric supplier.

The Mormon Church makes the largest collection of genealogical data .. links to 400-million names going back to the year 1500 … available to everyone.

The web site of the Philadelphia Inquirer. News, Sports, Business etc.

Get Free E-mail, Voicemail and Faxes All at One Place allows you to receive all your messages-e-mail, voicemail and faxes–in one place, for free! You can even send e-mail in your own voice.

Grad Finder
allows you to network with old classmates — from elementary school through university.

Cedar Grove Christian Academy
This is the offical site for Cedar Grove Christian Academy located in the Lawncrest section of the City of Philadelphia.
This site has information and news on sports, art, computers, health and more. It also has its own search engine.

This is the offical site of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Kelly Blue Book
Used & New car blue book information.

CD Universe
Buy Music CDs, DVD’s and more.
See who links to your web site. This service provides an easy one-click method of checking link popularity on three of the major search engines. They also provide a free monthly customized Link Popularity Report via e-mail.

InTheHub Inc.
Webhosting, and Web Development. They have been providing Clinton & McKain with quality service for more than 3 years. Reptile Supplies – The Herpetological Supply Company
The Foremost Herpetological Supply Company in the United States.
Proudly Serving Zoos, Aquariums, Research Institutions, Professional Breeders, Pet Shops and Hobbyists all across the USA.
Exo-Terra, Vision Cages, Helix Environmental Control Systems, Quat Plus, and so much more!
Detailed, weather for any area in the USA. 5 Day forcast and much, much more.

Zip+4 Codes
Use the U.S. Postal Service to quickly determine the 9-digit Zip Code for any address
For information about the Stella awards on ATLA’s website, visit:
Find and enjoy the pictures on your computer in seconds.

A9 (from Amazon)
Search Toolbar – A column of buttons lets you refine your search standard. Web search results may include the contents of books, or movie info, references, images. Each set of results displays it’s own panel. If you install the A9 toolbar, you can make notes about your search results . . .
Put in a street address into the text box at the bottom of the screen. and get a bird’s eye view of most locations (down to as close as 15 meters or less in some cases). The service costs $30, and offers a 3D satellite view of streets in most major cities around the globe. (There is a 7 day trial at

Google Alerts
If you want to be sent an email alert when a certain topic or even person is mentioned either on the net via a website or in the news, you can select this feature, and it is free. Some handy uses of Google Alerts include:

  • monitoring a developing news story
  • keeping current on a competitor or industry
  • getting the latest on a product or medical procedure
  • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams

Pennsylvania Department of State
Question: How do I find out the real owners of a business concern when the only information i have is the ‘fictitious” name and address? Visit this link and search on the Ficticious Name to expose the ‘real’ business owner.