Lead Poisoning: What Everyone Should Know

Lead Poisoning is a disease caused by swallowing or inhaling lead. Over 50 percent of U.S. homes built before 1978 contain lead based paint. In the past, lead paint was used in homes on windows, sills, doors, frames, walls, floors, stairs, woodwork, molding, fences, porches, etc. Young children are at great risk because:

  • their bodies absorb lead more easily than adults,
  • they put everything into their mouths, and
  • there are usually no symptoms of lead poisoning.

Any child may be at risk because there are many sources for lead. At low levels, lead poisoning can slow a child’s development, damage red blood cell production, and cause learning and behavioral problems. At higher levels, lead poisoning can affect a child’s nervous system, kidneys and mental development. A finger stick blood test is all it takes to determine if there is too much lead in a child’s blood. Contact your physician or Health Clinic for help or more information on testing for your child.

For information on the address and phone number of your local health clinic please call us at 215-829-8900.