About Clinton & McKain

With more than 80 years of combined experience as trial attorneys, Mike Clinton and Bob McKain have built a strong legal reputation on victories for clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They believe that success in a personal injury case is not just about providing counsel, reviewing documents and implementing strategies.

philadelphia_lawyersIt’s about providing clients with the support they need to overcome a personal injury. From the first meeting they have with a new client until the moment that person’s case is completely resolved by jury verdict or settlement, they remember that they are there to help the client achieve a measure of justice and to restore dignity and respect.

Injuries are not confined by schedules. They happen every day, around the clock – not just during business hours. That is why, if tragedy strikes you or your loved ones, you can always reach us. Mike Clinton and Bob McKain respond to calls promptly. No fees are charged for case consultations, house visits or accident site inspections. No fees will be charged unless there is a recovery on behalf of the client.