Workers’ Compensation for Toxic Tort Claims

A “tort” is defined as behavior that harms an individual, but is not necessarily a criminal act. A toxic tort claim can be brought by an individual who was exposed to and harmed by a toxin due to the conduct of another. Workers’ Compensation and Toxic Torts Workers’ Compensation law compensates workers for harms suffered […]

The Danger of Defective Air Bags

Air bags that are properly manufactured and installed can save lives. However, defectively manufactured air bags can cause undue harm to car occupants, and individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of an air bag defect may have a products liability claim against the automobile manufacturer. Products Liability Claims Based on Defective Air Bags […]

Claims Arising out of Invasion of Privacy

A “tort” may generally be defined as an act deemed wrongful enough that one who suffers injury from it may bring a lawsuit to recover damages. Many torts have their origin in “common law,” which is the body of legal, historical principles and results from actual court cases, often historically developed in England and adopted […]

Family Car Doctrine: Liability for Vehicle Accidents

In general, people are liable at law only for the results of their own actions. There are, however, exceptions to this rule, such as the liability of an employer for the actions of an employee under certain circumstances. Another exception is the “family car doctrine,” sometimes also called the “family purpose doctrine.” Family Car Doctrine […]

Some States Allow Loss of Consortium Damages for Injured Children

Although “loss of consortium” damages are traditionally associated with spousal relationships, modern cases have extended the right to recover them to parent-child relationships. Referred to as “filial consortium damages,” these awards are intended to compensate the parent for the loss of affection, love and companionship that results from a child’s injury or death. Wrongful Death […]