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Online Emergency Medicine Textbooks

Oncology - Cancer

A Review of the Department of Defense's Program for Breast Cancer Research - Institute of Medicine

Adenocarcinoma of the Colon and Rectum

Atlas of cancer mortality in the United States, 1950-94 - The Atlas of cancer mortality in the United States, 1950-1994 is a book of maps, text, tables and figures showing the geographic patterns of cancer death rates throughout the United States from 1950 to 1994 for about 40 cancers.

Be Not Afraid: Overcoming the Fear of Death - Addresses fears that every person faces - fear of illness, aging, death and loss, fear of vulnerability, and fear of suffering. Johann Christoph Arnold

Benign Breast Disease and Breast Cancer Tutorial - William Wolberg M.D. Designed for 3rd-year medical students

Breast Cancer: Setting Priorities for Effectiveness Research - Kathleen N. Lohr

Cancer and the Environment: Gene-Environment Interaction - Samuel Wilson, Lovell Jones, Christine Coussens, and Kathi Hanna

Cancer Immune Therapy - Major contributors to the field summarize the knowledge on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of tumorigenesis, critically review the instruments of the immune system that might be exploited for therapy, and discuss the clinical experiences with the different immune therapy concepts. Researchers in the fields of immunology, tumor biology and medicine will highly appreciate this up-to-date volume for evaluating future research activities.

Cancer Information - National Cancer Institute Clinical Cancer Information

Cancer Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach - 5th Edition (2001)

Cancer Medicine - In its fifth edition, Cancer Medicine has been named eponymously to honor its founding editors James F. Holland and Emil Frei III, two giants of medical oncology. The Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine reflects their dedication to innovative, comprehensive and multidisciplinary care of cancer patients, as well as their belief in the importance of grounding such care in a more fundamental understanding of cancer biology. The fifth edition follows the fourth by just three and one half years, reflecting the remarkable pace at which new knowledge is being developed and emphasizing the importance of having the latest information to plan the care of cancer patients.

Carcinogens and Anticarcinogens in the Human Diet: A Comparison of Naturally Occurring and Synthetic Substances - National Research Council Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology

Caring for loved ones at home: 'An Illustrated Guide to Short and Long-Term Care' - The 130-page book looks at basic home nursing skills including adapting the environment, physical care, home care suggestions, good nutrition, communicating with doctors and nurses, understanding your condition, creating a support circle and an extensive glossary. (6th anniversary edition - 2002)

Dying for Care: Hospice Care or Euthanasia - Presents the views of palliative care leaders in Canada plus an overview of the euthanasia debate with updated information on the Senate Committee Hearings in Canada in 1995. (1992, Aug 1995 web site update)

Effects of Ionizing Radiation: Atomic Bomb Survivors and Their Children - (1945-1995) Leif E. Peterson and Seymour Abrahamson

Esophageal Carcinoma

Evaluation of Maxillofacial Neoplastic Lesions Using Computer Graphics from 3D-CT

Evidence Based Information and Recommendations for the Management of Localized Prostate Cancer - This document provides information and recommendations for the management of localized prostate cancer. It has been developed by a working party of the Australian Cancer Network. [PDF 152p 1326kb]

Family Hospice Care: Pre-Planning and Care Guide - Looks at all aspects of meeting the physical, emotional, spiritual and information needs of people nearing the end of life including aspects of pain and symptom control, communication, legal and financial concerns, funeral preparation and what to do after someone has died. (16th anniversary edition - 2002)

Grieving - King's College 16th International Conference on Death and Bereavement Conference

Hospice Care Handbook - The fundamentals of patient and family care for health care professionals, volunteers and students. (1998, 2002)

Improving Palliative Care of Cancer - The report defines the barriers for best palliative care, and discuss steps for an improvement. National Academy Press, 2001

Investigator's Handbook - A Manual for Participants in Clinical Trials of Investigational Agents Sponsored by DCTD, NCI. Provides information to investigators on specific procedures related to development of clinical trials of investigational agents. National Cancer Institute

Lung Tumors: A Multidisciplinary Database

National Respite Guidelines - The guidelines are not attempting to set standards or requirements, but merely to establish some benchmarks to assist states and local communities in developing quality respite services that meet the diverse needs of families. The guidelines reflect a family-centered philosophy that recognizes and draws upon family strengths. Written by Maggie Edgar, ARCH Regional Coordinator, and Monica Uhl, Ph.D., Project Director of the Respite Resource Project at the Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities. 14 pages.

OncoLink - University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center

Oncology Tools - Contains a variety of information related to cancer and approved cancer drug therapies including approved oncology drugs, disease summaries, and oncology reference tools [Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA)]

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Evaluation of Sources and Effects - National Research Council Board on Toxicology and Environmental Health Hazards

Prescription Leadership - The 9 practical skills needed for health professionals to thrive in the 21st century.

Preventing Breast Cancer - The Story of a Major, Proven, Preventable Cause of This Disease - (2nd ed, 1996) John W. Gofman

Some Thoughts on Hospice Care - A personal journal for your beliefs, assumptions & behaviors. The book is specifically for hospice care professionals, volunteers and students to help them identify their fundamental beliefs and assumptions and how they use them to determine their behavior. (2002)

The Caregiver's Handbook - This handbook explores a number of different topics which can make the role of caregiver easier, and at the same time, help the person receiving the care. It is directed primarily at the caregiver offering practical approaches to common caregiver problems. Staying healthy, avoiding depression, remaining active, making friends, enjoying pleasurable activities are an essential part of any human life, including those of caregivers. Serving as the primary caregiver for an ill loved one should not make life meaningless. This Handbook was developed and produced by The Caregiver Education and Support Services, Seniors Counseling and Training Case Management Services of the San Diego County Mental Health Services.

The Heart of Hospice - The book presents Dr. Ley's palliative care philosophy as well as a brief biography of her life. (Dr. Dorothy C.H. Ley with Harry van Bommel) (1994)

Unconventional Cancer Treatments - United States Office of Technology Assessment

Ways You Can Make a Difference in Cancer: Facing Forward Series - Provides an overview of the potential benefits of involvement in activities that give back to one's community, as well as the ways in which one can become involved in these activities. Designed for cancer survivors and those who have taken care of someone with cancer. National Cancer Institute

Withholding and Withdrawing Life-Prolonging Medical Treatment: Guidance for Decision Making - This guidance attempts to document the type of factors which should be taken into account, the process which should be followed and the safeguards which should be in place to ensure that these decisions, and decisions to withhold or withdraw other life-prolonging treatments, are made appropriately. British Medical Association


Blindness Resource Center - NY Institute for Special Education Adaptive Technology; Advocacy and Training; Books & Magazines; Medical Links etc.

Central Retinal Vein Occlusion - This information is intended primarily for ophthalmologists. It is a summary of material published in peer reviewed ophthalmic journals. The University of Iowa, Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine

Common Eye Emergencies - New England Eye Center

Digital Atlas of Ophthalmology - A database of images drawn from the vast clinical experience of The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary specialists and their colleagues around the world. The Digital Atlas is intended to serve as a visual reference and educational supplement for ophthalmologists, general physicians, and medical students.

Digital Reference of Ophthalmology - A new internet-based reference of ophthalmic disease. The site consists of high quality images and descriptive text covering oculoplastics, cornea and external diseases, glaucoma, lens and cataract, vitreous and retina, neuro-ophthalmology, and paediatric and strabismus. Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute, Department of Ophthalmology of Columbia University

Handbook of Ocular Disease Management - Find information on how to manage over 50 commonly encountered ocular diseases. Find information on signs and symptoms, underlying pathophysiology, recommendations on treatment, and clinical pearls. Jobson Publishing L.L.C.

Management of Diabetic Retinopathy - Aims to be useful to both health professionals and consumers. It should educate all involved in the care of people with diabetes about diabetic retinopathy. It is designed to assist professionals in making management decisions about diabetic retinopathy, thus improving the quality of care. This book provides management guidelines and does not replace careful examination of the relevant literature. It should, however, assist the reader in identifying key references that provide evidence for treatment recommendations. Readers can also judge the strength of evidence on which the guidelines are based, from the quoted levels of evidence. In applying these guidelines to clinical practice, it is necessary to take into account all aspects of the clinical picture. The guidelines aim to provide information for use in making management decisions, rather than dictate a particular course of management. National Health and Medical Research Council [PDF 112pp 383KB]

Myopia: Prevalence and Progression - National Research Council Committee on Vision

Ophthalmology - eMedicine

Ophthalmology Atlas

Ophthalmology Textbook (intermittent site availability due to excessive bandwidth consumption)

Prevention and Medical Management Laser Injuries - Field Manual 8-50, Department of the Army

The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses - William Horatio Bates (based on the 1920 edition)

WebVision: The Organization of the Retina and Visual System - University of Utah Health Sciences Center


A Simple Guide to Orthopaedics - Full Text Online

Electronic Orthopaedic Textbook - This is an electronic textbook for medical students and orthopaedic residents/registrars.Orthopaedics is one of the oldest medical disciplines, yet remains at the forefront of intellectual and technological development in medicine as we move into the next millenium. And for good reason. Everyday 5 million people worldwide are injured in car accidents and in urgent need of expert modern orthopaedic care.TB remains the scourge of the world and mainly affects the musculoskeletal system.The world population is getting older, developing osteoarthritis and demanding to be kept active.The general population is playing more sport and incurring injuries which need surgical attention.

Fractures of the Lower Limb - Akhtar M Khan

Fractures of the Upper Limb - Akhtar M Khan

Hip Fracture: Setting Priorities for Effectiveness Research - Kim A. Heithoff and Kathleen N. Lohr

Introduction to the Principles of Fracture Management - Akhtar M Khan

Muscle Injuries - Virtual Hospital

Orthopaedics - WorldOrtho Inc.

Orthopedic Textbook (intermittent site availability due to excessive bandwidth consumption)

Paediatric Orthopaedics - WorldOrtho Inc.

Physician's Guide to Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis - National Osteoporosis Foundation

Sprains and Strains - The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases information about sprains and strains, which are both very common injuries. Individual sections describe what sprains and strains are, where they usually occur, what their signs and symptoms are, how they are treated, and how they can be prevented.

The Oxford Handbook of Sports Medicine - Provides guidance to the area of sports science and the treatment of sports injuries. It presents the clinical management of both acute and chronic sports injuries and medical problems alongside the background of sports medicine.

Treatment of Congenital Clubfoot

Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopedics - Organized alphabetically by topic. Includes additional menus for fractures, joints, muscles, nerves, trauma, medications, and lab tests. A search engine allows you to use several specific search terms to narrow your search.

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